Pre Caution and Tips for Traveling too Far

Pre Caution and Tips for Traveling too Far




Welcome to Today we want to share a very important things about the long drive or traveling too far precaution. We want to suggest some precautions that will help you to go long drive. We request you all please go through and take the necessary action for traveling a long distance. You should always be careful to travel too far so that the car does not suddenly collide with the road or there is no noise. So if all parts of the car's tire tubes, brakes, gears, etc. are OK; It should be looked at first.


Take gasoline in the gasoline tank. If you have to go a long way, a lot of small accessories will have to be kept in the car. If the reason is that the car is damaged or there is some noise on the way, then the small bed should be ready for repair. So it is important to have a good knowledge of all these parts. One should also know well what works. If you want food and drink for the driver on one side, you want to get the car ready to reach the proper destination.


This is a description of what the driver should take with him to get the car out of the way. It is important to remember that none of this is necessary for distance.


In addition to filling the gasoline tank gasoline should be kept with three tins of five liters of gasoline when going the distance. Because it is not possible to know how far the gasoline pump will fall on the way. If there is a diesel-powered car then you should take it with the diesel. 


One bottle of Distilled Water must be kept. If the battery is low on water, then it should be completely filled.


The fuel must be filled with at least two liters of Mobil oil.


Akon brake oil should be kept extra.


Half to one pound should be kept with grease.


One liter of C. Oil should be kept.


I would like grease gum to use grease.


It should be kept with two additional light bulbs - so if any bulbs fuse in the way, you should not be in danger.


Oil cans or oil caps - with which to apply the oil, have to be kept.


Keep with the dye.


Pressure gauge or pressure measuring device should be kept.


Often there is a need to open small or large screws. So a spanner should be kept with it. The range or spanner set is a screw opener. It has a screw opening mechanism of various shapes. They must be. Spinners have to be shaped like a car account.


Many times the wheels are reduced. But a gasoline pump could not be found nearby. So it is important to keep a pumping machine or infrared.


Keep one or two with the hammer. The hammer will be tricked into one side and the other side will be narrow and split in two. This type of hammer is used in the field of electronics.


I will keep up with a plus. Plus it can be folded, cut, folded. So it is special needs. In addition, it can be screwed or pulled.

Keep one or two small screwdrivers in place.


A jack in the car must be kept with it. It can be used to repair a car's front or rear or when it is needed to lift the car slightly above the ground. It consists of three long rods that are shortened to the mouth with the help of a lever.


A tire should be kept with the lever. This allows the tire to be opened or fitted. It is, however, necessary to open or mount the rim of the tire. It is like a flat sheet with an organ attached to it.


A few pieces of small wood should be kept - these are very useful. You need a piece of wood to lift the car.

Will keep up with a boy.


You need to have a plug spanner to open or prevent the plug.


A wheel should be kept with the spanner. This allows the tire's knuckle bolt to open or to hold. No matter the size of a small ball, it can be opened and restrained.


Something to keep the franc chalk. It is also necessary to repair the tire.


Something to be kept with the raw rubber.


A few candles or a spirit lamp should be kept for heating.


It is good to have some ropes for 5-12 yards.


It is important to keep a fast aid box.


Keeping with a rubber pipe is very good.


Extra Wheel Duty (3).


A small bucket should be kept with two or three tin knots and some small cloths.


It is not possible to go a long way without taking all of these objects. Driver must have common sense in car repair. This time the driver is being asked to repair the car in case of a sudden need. This is called Emergency Repair.


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