Driver General knowledge-Part-01

Driver General knowledge-Part-01



Welcome to We all know that driving is a technical profession and many types of knowledge need to know for car driving. Also, A driver should need some general knowledge as well as technical knowledge that helps to drive his car safely in the road.

Question: - What is the Blue Book? What is written in it?

Answer: - The Blue Book gives the complete identity of the vehicle. It includes the vehicle's name and address, registration number, chassis and engine number, how many horsepower and how many cylinders the engine, which model, which year and which company car, the weight of the empty car, how much weight can be loaded, how many people can sit. Motor Vehicles, Authority Issues This Blue Book Whenever there is a change in the vehicle, the Motor Vehicles Department should immediately rectify the Blue Book.

Q: What are those tax tokens? What is written in it?

Answer: It is a receipt for the tax paid by the government to drive the car on that road. The front glass of the driver is mounted to the left. It includes the number of the vehicle, the date of the tax, the date of filing, etc.

Q: What things does a driver have to pay attention to when driving that car?

Answer: - 1 M-Meters, 2. Oil meter, 1. Heat meter 1. We need to notice the speedometer. 2. The rearview should be noted with the rearview. 2. Whether the car's headlights, sidelights, or backlights are lit at night.

Q: What is usually used to give oil in that car?

Answer: - Generally there are 5 types of oil to be used in the gas – petrol Oil, Mobil Oil, gear oil, Crude Oil, and Brake oil.

Q: How many km is required to change the Mobil?

Answer: If the new engine is 800 KM, the old engine will have to change the Mobil after running from 3000 to 5000 KM.

Question: - What is the harm if there is more than Mobil?

Answer: - If the Mobil is higher then the Mobil goes up. As a result, firing is not done properly in the firing chamber. Then the drain plug that is underneath the Mobil chamber has to be opened and the excess Mobility has to be repeated.

Question: - How many km of gear oil is required to change intervals?

Answer: - The car needs to be changed after moving 15000 KM.

Question: - Where to give Crude Oil? How many kilometers have to be changed?

Answer: - In the steering box of the Freud Oil Differential Housing, this oil has to be changed after running every 15000 km. In the middle of the differential housing, there is a lid plug, which has to be opened and given 5 oils.

Question: - How can it be understood that the car costs more than petrol or Mobil?

Answer: - If there is a large amount of black smoke bar with the exhaust pipe, you will realize that the Mobil cost more if there is petrol and a blue smoke bar.

Question: Where is the air cleaner? What's the job Who's inside?

Answer: - It is mounted on the carburetor. The air from the outside enters the carburetor, and it cleanses the air. Inside it is thin wire mesh and Mobil.

Question: - How many pulleys are in the engine? What is their job

Answer: - There are three pulleys in the engine - starting starter, dynamo pulley, and water pump pulleys. If the engine's crankshaft rotates, the starting pulley will rotate. And rotates the other two pulls with a cane belt. The dynamo pulley turns the dynamo on and the water pump turns the pulley, the water pump starts and the fan starts rotating. 


Thank you for reading.

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