Road Sign Manual from Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) in Bangladesh

Road Sign Manual from Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) in Bangladesh


Hello Readers, today we team wants to share with you a piece of very important information for car driving that is Road sing. We all know that every road governments Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) (BRTC) provide some sign, they all are meaning full and help us to a way forward. So we request you all please read carefully below the article and give your feedback and valuable comments.

The traffic signs in use in Bangladesh date from the 1980s and are inadequate for modern traffic conditions. The need for a new system of traffic signs has long been felt.

The government took up the task of developing new traffic signs in 1998. The objectives were to develop a sign system that would:

• Suit the traffic and safety situation in Bangladesh

• Conform to international conventions

• Be affordable

• Be understood by the public.

A special Technical Scrutiny Committee (TSC) was constituted in the Roads and Highways Department (RHD) to supervise the work of developing the new signs. The Committee included representatives of RHD, the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA), the Local Government Engineering Department (LGED), and other relevant organizations. The sign proposals were then submitted to the Ministry of Communications for final approval, which was accorded in January 2000.

This Traffic Signs Manual provides the technical guidance needed to ensure that the new signs are designed and placed in a standard way. All road authorities must use the new signs, and all road users must act on the instructions and information they give. With everyone’s co-operation the new signs can contribute significantly to smooth and safe travel in Bangladesh.

This Traffic Signs Manual provides technical advice on the design, use, siting, and manufacture of traffic signs in Bangladesh. A “traffic sign” means any object, device, line, or mark on the road whose object is to convey to road users, or any specified class of road user, restrictions, prohibitions, warnings or information, of any description. The term traffic sign, therefore, includes not only signs on posts, but also road markings, delineators, road studs, traffic signals, and other traffic control devices.

The signs described in this Manual form a new standard set of traffic signs for Bangladesh. They were chosen following a study of the signs needed for the road and traffic situation in Bangladesh, both now and in the future. The account was taken of signing practices in the region, as well as the need for the signs to conform to the provisions of the United Nations Convention on Road Signs and Signals (the Vienna Convention).

Once the new sign system has been in use for several years it will be reviewed, and amended where necessary.

For each sign, the Manual describes:

• When to use it

• What its layout or design should be

• What size it should be

• Where it should be placed

• How it should be manufactured and erected

The Manual is arranged in this general order, with the first parts concerned with the principles governing the use and design of traffic signs, followed by separate sections on each of the major sign groups giving detailed information on every sign. The final sections advise on the siting, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of traffic signs.

The Manual has been written to improve the standard of traffic signing in Bangladesh in the interests of easy, safe travel. The adoption of a uniform set of signs will be a big step forward, but there must also be uniformity in their use and siting. The advice given in the Manual covers all types of roads and traffic situations and should be followed by everyone involved in the signing of roads in Bangladesh. If further advice is needed contact the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority or the Road Safety Division of the Roads and Highways Department.

The Bangladesh Police have practical experience of managing the traffic problems on our roads, and they are also responsible for enforcing the instructions given by the regulatory signs. Their advice and support will often help ensure that new signs are as effective as possible.

Bangladesh Road Transport Authority

Traffic Signs Manual Page 2

Legal Aspects: The Motor Vehicles Ordinance, 1983 provides the legal basis for traffic signing in Bangladesh. The principal provisions are: Section 89.(1) Government or any approved authority may erect traffic signs Section 89. (2) Only those traffic signs illustrated in the Ninth Schedule of the Ordinance shall be used Section 89.(7) Government can alter or add to the set of approved traffic signs in the Ninth Schedule by notice in the official Gazette Section 92 Every driver of a motor vehicle must obey the instructions given by traffic signs


The Ninth Schedule contains drawings of just 30 signs. The designs are generally outdated and important signs are missing. Because of this, many road authorities and projects have resorted to designing and installing their traffic signs, and this has resulted in a wide variation in sign designs and practices. The Ministry of Communications intends to replace the signs in the Schedule with the set of signs described in this Manual. In the meantime, everyone is urged to use the new signs, because of the overriding importance of achieving a consistent approach to signing throughout Bangladesh.

General Principles of Traffic Signs:Clear and efficient signing is an essential part of the road system, and a road with poor signing or with badly maintained signs is not functioning well. Road users depend on signing for information and guidance, and road authorities depend on signing for traffic control and regulation, and for road safety.

The key requirements for each traffic sign are that it should:

• Meet a need

• Command attention

• Be legible

• Convey a simple, clear meaning at a glance

• Be placed to give road users time to respond

• Command respect

Signs must only be used where there is a clear need for them. The incorrect or unnecessary use of a sign annoys drivers, and when this happens frequently, drivers lose respect for the sign, and it becomes ineffective in situations where it is needed. For the same reason, avoid using signs which impose a restriction which will be very unpopular and difficult to enforce. Drivers will stop taking signs seriously when they see others ignoring them without being caught.

Using standard signs assists in their quick recognition, as does uniformity of shape, color, and lettering for each type. To obtain the full benefits of standardization, the signs must be used consistently.

The message must be presented commonly. The new signs make great use of pictorial symbols, as these are much more effective than words, and can be understood by those who cannot read. Signs with words are used only where there is no alternative.

Signs must have sufficient impact to be noticed by drivers. This has been taken into account in the design of the signs, but the size and siting of the sign are also relevant. For most signs there are several permitted sizes, and it is largely the speed of the traffic at the site that determines which size is appropriate.

The symbols and legends on signs must be easy to read. This has influenced the design of the symbols, lettering, letter spacing, colors, etc., but the size is again of most importance, as drivers who are traveling fast need to be able to recognize a sign from a long-distance away. This means that the symbols and lettering need to be large enough to enable drivers to recognize them at the required distance.

Traffic signs must be visible at night. They should preferably be reflectorized so that they show up clearly in vehicle headlights.

Traffic signs should be constructed and erected so that they will last for many years without any attention apart from occasional cleaning.

Types of Signs:
The three main functions of traffic signs are to regulate, warn, and inform. There is a different group of signs for each function, and the signs in each group have a uniform shape to help drivers recognize them quickly. The three groups are:

Regulatory Signs.
 These signs give orders. They tell drivers what they must not do (prohibitory), or what they must do (mandatory). Most of them take the form of a circular disc, although two signs, the Stop sign, and the Give Way sign, have distinctive individual shapes.


Warning Signs. These warn drivers of some danger or difficulty on the road ahead. Most of them take the form of an equilateral triangle with the point upwards.

Information Signs.
 Most of these signs give drivers information to enable them to find their way to their destination. It is a varied group of signs, but they are all either square or rectangular.

Another important group of signs is Road Markings. These can regulate, warn, and inform, and some help clarifies or emphasizes the message given by other signs.


Thank you for reading.

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