Car Exporters

Carnival Co. Ltd., Sakai, Japan

Carnival Co. Ltd., Sakai, Japan About Carnival Co. Ltd.:We (Carnival Co.) are leading used car export, domestic used car sale, used car part sale in Osaka in Japan. Now, it is putting an effort into the used car export most. We had the support of the customer in all the countries crowd of the foreign countries and it got excellent results steady. The sincere international transaction, we are managing a company, thinking of being always trusted from the customer in the foreign countries to the primacy.It thinks that it is possible to make the relationship that the

AA Japan (PVT) Ltd., Yokohama, Japan

AA Japan (PVT) Ltd., Yokohama, Japan About AA Japan (PVT) Ltd.: AA Japan is a Japanese company, which is the leader in sales and export of Japanese and European used cars. For more than 20 years we have shipped our cars to many countries around the world with some of our most important markets being; Africa, The Caribbean, Europe, Oceania, Asia, The Middle East, and North and South America. Our agents and customers around the world offer local support for all of our and shipments throughout each region. AA Japan exports wide variety of Japanese Used vehicles around the

Bros Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

Bros Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan About Bros Co. Ltd.: Bros Co. Ltd. is an export company for new and used vehicles from Japan. My brother and I established the company in 1990 in Tokyo. The name Bros = brothers. Like brothers our business is based on honesty and co-operation. Hitoshi Ito, our export manager, joined the team in 1991. Bros Co. Ltd. has a family atmosphere, this helps when dealing with customers from different countries and cultures, relationships are very important. Our customers range from large volume retailers to small dealers, we try our best to meet any customer`s

G-7. Crown Trading Co. Ltd., Kawasaki, Japan

G-7. Crown Trading Co. Ltd., Kawasaki, Japan About G-7. Crown Trading Co. Ltd.:G-7. Crown Trading is a multinational company managed by the Crown Trading Group in Japan. The company is managed by Japanese professionals. Multilingual staffs are employed to facilitate the trade of automobiles to different countries in the world. This is the 12th year our company is engaged in this business. G-7. Crown Trading holds membership with major auction houses of Japan such as USS, ARAI, TAA, JAA, CAA, HAA and is also able to source brand new and used cars from leading suppliers. Our company has been

Kobe Motor Company, Yokohama, Japan

Kobe Motor Company, Yokohama, Japan About Kobe Motor Company:Kobe Motor Company is one of the pioneering and emerging leaders in the used car export market from Japan and Singapore. Our services are well tailored to customers’ choice and need of vehicles.As our motto says: “You name it, we deliver it.” Incorporated in 1998, presently located in Shin-Yokohama with closer access to the Yokohama Port has entrenched Kobe Motor Company’s growth and capacity to potential markets worldwide.Our foundation to success was on capitalizing one single market at a time through growth and penetration. We initially set

Imperial Solutions Ltd., Kobe, Japan

Imperial Solutions Ltd., Kobe, Japan About Imperial Solutions Ltd.:   Imperial Solutions is a trading company aimed at serving high-quality vehicles at an affordable price. As a company, we thrive on our versatile clientele and local business relationships that span back almost 30 years. Alongside an array of motor vehicles including cars, vans, trucks, and buses, we are also capable of supplying construction machinery and related equipment. With the support of our valued customers as well as burgeoning new business, we hope to serve the demand of Japanese motor vehicles for years to come. "We here at Imperial Solutions

SAINI Co. Ltd., Sagamihara, Japan

SAINI Co. Ltd., Sagamihara, Japan About SAINI Co. Ltd.:Exporter of Japanese Used Cars & Machinery SAINI Co. Ltd. is responding to the increasing demand for Japanese used car in many countries, and will export Japanese used car around the world. Our company member of the largest Japanese used car auctions in Japan, so we can provide you many high-quality Japanese used car that have been maintained carefully in Japan. When you are considering importing a Japanese used car, please contact us. We can directly sell Japanese used car for distribution within Japan, and also for export. We are exporting

Rizubi Trading Used Cars, Tokyo, Japan

Rizubi Trading Used Cars, Tokyo, Japan About Rizubi Trading Used Cars:Rizubi Trading Used Cars is one of the leading automobile trading company in Japan. We are exporters of new/used motor vehicles, from Japan to all over the world. We have also branch offices in Dubai & Sharjah. We offer high quality vehicles, competitive prices and prompt services. Through innovation and 13 years of experience, our company is shaping the new face of the export/import industry of used and new vehicles. For You ! We can find New and Used Japanese Cars, Vans, Wagons, Buses, Trucks, Commercial Vehicles of any make and

Sayuri International Co. Ltd., Kamagaya, Japan

Sayuri International Co. Ltd., Kamagaya, Japan About Sayuri International Co. Ltd.: Sayuri International Co,. Ltd was established in 1996 with a capital of three million Japanese Yen and a staff of four. Even by 1996, there were many Japanese Used car exporters. Since then, Sayuri International Co.Ltd has become one of the largest fully re-conditioned and used motor vehicle exporting company In Japan. Therefore, since the beginning, our aim was to provide best quality Japanese Used Cars for competitive price and build a good returning customer-base over the time. We have achieved it over the last 19 years

Rao International Co., Ltd., Inuyama, Japan

Rao International Co., Ltd., Inuyama, Japan About Rao International Co.:Rao International Co. Ltd., is a Japan based global supplier of Used and New Cars. We buy used cars from auto auction and used car dealers all over Japan and sell around the world. We believe that Japan is the best place to buy used cars. Rao International Co. Ltd., was established 15 years ago, and is now one of Japan's fast growing automobile exporters of pre-owned and reconditioned used vehicles. Because of our years of experience in the Japanese and worldwide automotive industry, we have been able to build

Jimex Co. Ltd., Yokohama, Japan

Jimex Co. Ltd., Yokohama, Japan About Jimex Co. Ltd.: JIMEX has been established in 2007, and currently it is ranked among the 5 top companies-exporters of pre-owned vehicles. In 2012, we were runked No 3 by Aucnet Group of Auction among its 5,000 members. In 1st quarter of 2013 we were ranked No 1 and received a Platinum Award from Aucnet. From early days of our establishment, we were dedicated to high quality of our products, superity of our services, and exclusiveness of our prices. "Fair Trading" and "Win Win" relationship with our clients have always been our

Yamagin Corporation, Tokyo, Japan

Yamagin Corporation, Tokyo, Japan About Yamagin Corporation: Yamagin Corporation is a leader among Japanese Used Car Exporters in Japan. Mr. Hiroshi Sato is a chairman of Japan Used Vehicle Exporters Association (JUMVEA).JUMVEA is the only one Japanese government approved association in this industry. Mr. Sato has been working for making the Japanese used cars export industry better one. Yamagin Corporation has long history, it was established on 4th September 1978.It means Yamagin Corporation is exporting used cars to the world more than 35 years.Why Yamagin Corporation remains so long time in the business because Yamagin Corporation is
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