Steering, Suspension and Brake System of a Car

Steering, Suspension and Brake System of a Car


The brakes work with the steering and suspension to keep you safe on the road and to keep the other drivers safe with whom you share the road. If your suspension is off, your car will nosedive when you step on the brakes, which could cause damage to your car, especially if you have to panic stop. The brakes will stop the car, but they will suffer damage because the suspension is off. If the brakes are bad, then you may lose the ability to stop the car and have an accident. Make sure that you maintain your car so that you can make it through the spring with ease.


First of all, we want to drive a motor car, the first thing to learn about the steering of the vehicle and the steering which can be bent to the right. Steering adds only two front wheels. With two wheels in the back, which does not have any connection. The two wheels in front of the car revolve automatically.


Physically if we see how the steering with two wheels in front of the car is well explained by the car physically. The rod that joins the wheel with steering, it is said - a large rod with a steering arm is attached to both sides, and it is called Realy rod, on the other side of the Pitman's arm which connects with the steering wheel. Turning the car can be rotated on the right or left, this will be discussed later. In a motor car Total vehicle front accel and steering we found the 1. Idler Aram; 2. Relay rod 3. Pitman's arm 4. Streaming Aram 5. Tie rods. We also see that the motor car is in the middle of the steering. When the steering wheel is rotated right, two-wheelers in front of the car will go to the east and the car will also go to the right.


This steering rotation is not always the same. Turning the car into less and more turns can be bent or the vehicle can be moved to a higher amount of the right. Generally, how much rotation should be done on the right and left to take a lot of habit? Good drivers can control the bending right-handed right here. If the car is moving in full swing, then practice this control quickly, otherwise, the accident may be. Increase the speed of the car accelerator. Clutch's work is to give the power to the gearbox shafts with the speed of the engine from the clove wheel. Each part is said to be broad after it.


Now we know an important part of the car brake is 1. Atmospheric value 2. Saxena valve; 3. Eidxon Pipe Connection '4. Spring 5 Piston, 6 Oil tank, 7. Brake, 8. Fulcrum.


Always locked in the car, the car is introduced with a spark plug. The automatic cylinder of the engine cylinder was charged with spark. It should have the effectiveness of proper fuel so that it takes charge immediately.


To stop dynamic dikes for any reason, the speed of the wheels should be stopped. That's why carriage breaks. The brake drum is fitted near the wheels of the wheel - it is used to break the wheels by pressing the brake shoo Hold the 'brake' with the four wheels of the motor in the modern motor. If it is easy to speed up the car, then it can be easily increased speed.


While running fast, suddenly the brakes should not be broken - gradually splitting the clutch and reducing the gas to slow down. It is meant to explain how a brake works by a photo on the previous page. There is a wide range of discussions.

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