Short Description About Piston

Short Description About Piston


Welcome to Today we want to discuss about the motor car piston. We all know that the piston is an essential part of the internal combustion engine which is key in converting the fuel which you use to fill up your car into energy to drive the car forward. It is a moving component that is used to transfer the force from the gas which expands in the cylinders to the crankshaft to turn the wheels.


On the next page is given a piston image. These will show how the piston enters the cylinder, its entire block usefully, and the compression work on two and the combination of the two are done together. The six pistons of the cylinder block are set in such a way that the compression is done by three and by three. The rod by which the pistons are connected is called a rod.


The task of the piston is to create a gas-tight cell to generate energy. As a result of the gas explosion, its pressure and propagation take place on the connecting rod.


Pistons are mainly metal that is made of 1. Cast-iron piston. 2. Alloy or Milled Piston. 3. Aluminum Alloy Piston.


In earlier days, pistons were made mostly of cast iron or cast iron. Nowadays it has changed a bit. Nowadays, it is made of alloy or milled steel. Aluminum alloy pistons cost more - but they are much lighter but stronger.


If the piston and cylinder are made of the same metal, the gap between the heats is less when heated. However, if two different metals (such as aluminum alloy pistons in cast iron cylinders) are used, the gap between the two should be greater. The reason for this is that aluminum alloy expands more in heat - which does not occur in cast iron. Knowledge of the matter is useful in fitting.


Piston Ring: The heat and pressure of the fuel gas used in the cylinder is pushed to the outside of the piston. When pushing two pistons, press the other two pistons inside the block to affect the impact of the block. (In the case of 3 cylinder blocks). In this way, in 3 and 4 cases, when three or four pistes come out on the outside of the thrust, the other bullets enter.


Now if the gap between the piston and cylinder is too high or it is loose, this pressure will leak and the piston will not bend properly. So a ring is always attached to the head of the piston.

This means that the rings are small and medium in size depending on the size of the individual pistons and cylinders. If needed, more than one ring is attached to the head of a piston.


The piston ring is made of cast iron or brass. When the cylinder is flexible, it is best to make the piston ring with brass. To facilitate the insertion of the piston head, the piston ring has to be cut in one direction. It has the added benefit that it is slightly stretched for thermal growth but does not cause any discomfort. After cutting the piston ring according to the cylinder fence, it is necessary to cut off a small part.


Many times the piston is on the head and the groove to facilitate the wearing of the piston ring. Nowadays it is usually fitted with three pistons, one at the head, one at the bottom, and one at the bottom.

To make piston and cylinder work easier, it requires the use of lubricating oil.

Gudgeon Ring or Pin: 
The Gazan pin attaches to the piston, piercing the piston. Two pins on the piston to hold this pin. Two bosses are welded together. This pin can be fastened with a piston. Several methods are being talked about.

The small bolt is stuck with the boss.

The steel wire is enclosed on both sides using a ring. Then it was called the Gajan Ring.

Stopped with a circular clip.


The pin can also be melted with a brass washer on its two ends.

For whatever reason, this pin came out causing cracks or stains on the cylinder - so careful precautions are needed. If there is a scuff or stain on the cylinder, the gas leaks through it and the gas is not tight. In this case, the cylinder needs to be reabsorbed.


The Gazan pin is folded down, thus reducing its weight. This pin attaches to the connecting rod like a wrist and creates momentum. This pin is made by mixing nickel with precious carbon or steel in the manga of steel. This pin causes a knock on the engine while the engine is running. Then the pin needs to be replaced.

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