Brake system, Driver Sitting Rules and Tire Using Rules

Brake system, Driver Sitting Rules, and Tire Using Rules


Welcome to We all know that always try to share important knowledge and information to the motor car driver/ lover/car owner. Today we want to discuss how to test the brake system, driver sitting rules, and tire using rules. So we ( team requesting you all please go through the important discussion below take knowledge from here and drive the car in the road safely and securely.

Testing Motor Car Brake System Process:
To test the brakes when the car is stationary, if the brake pedal is pressed with a 1 "- 8" inch thrust then the brake is OK. And if all goes well, then you have to understand that there is bad. If you check the car's brakes for 24 km per hour, if the car stops within 3-5 meters, you will find that there is no fault.

Bleeding Method:
If the air gets inside the brake line, then the air should be drained by bleeding. If not, the brakes will not work.

Bleeding requires two people. One has to press the brake pedal in the car and press the bar a few times, and the other has to open the bleeding knot of the wheel cylinder. As soon as it opens, the air will come out of the foam with brake oil. Again the bleeding plays have to be tightly stuck. And the brake pedal will have to press and release some of the bar and open the bleeding knot again. This way, after only a few times when only the brake oil will come out, you will realize that there is no more air in the brake line. If you press the brake pedal and it doesn't come up then you will understand. The master cylinder in which the oil is low or the braking pedal has the retuning spring idle. Then you need to add brake oil to the new master cylinder or add a returning spring.

Driver Seating Rules:
The driver of the car has to sit in his seat so that he can see the front and the front view straight and well. If he can easily move his hands and feet on the car's control parts, he will be able to drive the car for a long-distance without having to work too hard.

If the hammer does not sit properly or if the steering does not hold properly, it will cause pain in the ham and arm. When trying to pedal, try to sit the ankle so that it is always on the footboard of the car. Steering. Do not sit too close, at least two at least 20-30 cm. Stay away. At your own convenience, you can always remove the driving seat from side to side with your back or waist or your back. After sitting in the seat, the rearview mirror will be positioned exactly so that you can seamlessly notice the rear side with your mirror.

Rules for Using Tires:
Tires are damaged when the tire is too high or too little air. Therefore, the air should be properly filled at all times.

When loading freight on the car, one side is higher, and on one side, the luggage is tilted to one side, causing the tire to suffer due to overload. Therefore, goods should be loaded on all sides equally.

When driving a car at high speeds, frequent brakes, or sudden brakes or bad turns, the sound of the tire reduces the sound of the tire.

Dark-tire tires can sometimes last for many days for equal friction and pressure to reverse. Never use too much rub ie plane tire. Efforts should be made to protect the tire from sunlight, petrol, and other oil spills.

Thank you for reading.

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