Car Driver's Tips for Save the Fuel Cost

Car Driver's  tips for save the fuel cost   Fuel cost is mojor cost of every vehicle so car driver or owner should follow some impotant instruction that is helpful for saving fuel cost. The important tips are follows: If the radiator heat is higher it means the radiator is not functioning properly and is not cooling. If you do not repair immediately, there may be various damage. To check adjustment distributor. If not, the fuel cost will be more.   There is no break, no gear etc. If there is no instrument, it should be repaired immediately. It is

6 Tips for Reduce Fuel Cost

6 Tips for Reduce Fuel Cost   Car Start: when a driver starts a car, as soon as possible he starts with the flick, drive as high as possible gear. Because we know that gradually starting a car and using low gear fuel costs are high. If we start with high gear and start speeding, then the cost of fuel will decrease by 25 to 40 percent. Thus, every liter of fuel consumption will be reduced – you will go every mile with fewer burn the oil.  2.  Stop the specific place:For reduce fuel cost you decide first

Six Basic Safety Tips for Car Driving

Six Basic Safety Tips for Car Driving   There is some basic knowledge we need to know about car driving. it is important to have common knowledge in how the wheel, engine, battery, gear, brake etc. works. In my opinion, drivers first quality is confident level very high and cool minded. Because we all know that driving is an art which is going on in the way of human beings, other car, cycle, road crossing, turn left-right and necessary things done when a driver driving a car. You must follow some rules and always be cautious for other mistake  

Driving Tips for New Car Driver

Driving Tips for New Car Driver   If you are a new car driver just beginning to learn how to drive a car and want to read about some of the basics that you need to consider while driving or just want a few driving tips, then you have come to the right place. When one is learning how to drive, there are a lot of things that need to be kept in mind. In fact, whether a rookie or a mature driver, it is very important to be really careful when you are behind the steering wheel.   Here

Short Description and function of Car Body Parts

Short Description and function of Car Body Parts Hello readers today we team share you all about car body parts short description and function. It is very helpful and important issue for all car lover, driver and car owner. Because we drive a car but most of the time we  don't try to learn about car spare parts name , function, description safety and security of spare parts. So we team think this issue and  always update information share with you. Thank you for reading. Motor frames: The motor frame is the original chassis of the motors

Short Description of Motor Car body and some other Equipment

Short Description of Motor Car body and some other Equipment   Hello readers today we team try to in inform you the car motor and some other short description. It is very mcuh important issue fo all car lover, driver and car owner. Description are follows; The Seat of a Car: The Car seat on which the sailors sit, calls him a seat. The seat and its attached doors and motor carpets are made in accordance with the body of the Motors body. This body is of various sizes. Sometimes oval, sometimes like a torpedo, sometimes a crescent

Steering, Suspension and Brake System of a Car

Steering, Suspension and Brake System of a Car The brakes work with the steering and suspension to keep you safe on the road and to keep the other drivers safe with whom you share the road. If your suspension is off, your car will nosedive when you step on the brakes, which could cause damage to your car, especially if you have to panic stop. The brakes will stop the car, but the will could suffer damage because the suspension is off. If the brakes are bad, then you may lose the ability to stop the car and have an

Fuel Type wise Car Engine

Fuel Type wise Car Engine The engine of a car is very much essential with engine car not run or move. Every car has individual engine there has some verities also. Car engine verity depends on its fuel- it means what type of fuel consumption are happening in a car. Always car engine ae keep in secured and safety place in a car. Always car engine Secured under the hood of the car, it usually looks like a gigantic confusing jumble of wires, tubes and metal. For this reason, our car is running. On the other hand, this is what

Function & Importancy of Motor Car's Chassis and Body

Function & Importancy of  Motor Car's Chassis and Body Once a time there were some who used to transport vehicles with the help of cattle, horses and so on. Later on people used the motor vehicle. Day after day the people research is going on in motor vehicle parts of these machines. As a result, there has been a lot of improvement in the Automobile road vehicle day by day its continuing. But then it was discovered that the automobile powered by various forces. The power can be turned into kinetic energy, depending on the basis of this Mr. Mohatho

History of Automatic Motor Car

History of Automatic Motor Car   At present we see verious type of motor car in the road but most of the people don't know its previous history. so we carpricebd team try share some knowledge about motor car.The shape of the motor vehicle made of it and the look of today's different types of motor vehicles is completely different. Even depending on the theory that he introduced his first motor vehicle, the difference between today's motor vehicle is very different.The modern motor car or automotive space, which is known in English Automobile road vehicle, that is the

Heat Generation of a Car Engine

Heat Generation of a Car Engine Introduction: Despite the mind-blowing advancements in today’s technology, a car engine can still generate too much heat. It is only logical based on the Second Law of Thermodynamics. It is actually impossible to convert 100 percent of the engine’s heat energy to mechanical energy. There will always be leftover heat that is plainly useless for the system. This extra heat is the reason why engines get extremely hot when too much work is done.   Every system in the world has a limit. Engines are no exceptions. In general, they get hot
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